Canon PP-201 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II 4R (20 sheets) 3 Packets

Brand: Canon
Product Code: Canon PP-201 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II 4R (20 sheets)
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Canon PP-201 Photo Paper Plus Glossy II 4R (20 sheets) 3 Packets

  • What is Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201?
  • Paper Structure and Characteristics of Each Layer
  • Rich, Deep Blacks
  • Vivid Colors
  • A Brilliant Finish Right after Print
  • Comparisons among Other Papers
  • Measurement Condition

    Vivid colors with a high-quality finish. 
    A quantum leap in expressive power, at a reasonable price.

    The new standard for Canon Photo Paper

    The beautiful sheen of photographic prints using photo printing paper is so economical you can enjoy its luster and brilliant color anytime. Canon is proud to announce the arrival of Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201, a photo paper that improves on Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101 to create a new standard in image quality and cost performance.

    Rich, deep blacks. Vivid colors. The thickness and crisp, luxurious feel of high-quality photo paper fresh from the printer. And all of this outstanding quality is now available at a low, affordable price.

    To enjoy all these advantages, simply switch to Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201, for a quantum leap in photographic print quality.

    Canon's first photo paper with a six-layer structure:
    the secret to superb quality and luxurious feel

    Maintaining the luxurious feel of Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101
    with better-than-ever color reproduction: Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201

    An independent color-reproduction layer

    Using inkjet coating technology, an ingenious application of photosensitive materials,
    Canon has succeeded in separating ink deposit layers by function.
    Where previously only one inkjet coating layer was formed, this technology creates two distinct layers,
    the color-reproduction layer and the absorbing layer.


    By fixing the dye in the ink (color-reproduction layer)
    closer to the surface of the paper,
    Canon succeeds in dramatically improving color reproduction.
    Color reproduction is vivid and clear straight from the printer,
    serving up deep, rich blacks and bright, lively colors.

    The dye is fixed to the surface of the paper, 
    resulting in deeper blacks and
    a clearer overall photographic finish.

    Blacker blacks

    A deep, rich black is a black that looks truly black to the eye, not grayish or bluish.

    Rich, deep blacks are not only important for reproducing deep-black areas of photos. They also contribute to the overall density, contrast and clarity of the photo. Light, grayish blacks weaken the photo's impact, making it ordinary and unimpressive.

    With Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201, the dye is fixed closer to the surface of the paper, ensuring rich, deep blacks in printed photos.

    Photos are beautifully reproduced
    because the dye is fixed close to the surface of the paper.

    The ink-receiving layer accepts the dyes in the ink and places them on the surface of the paper. If this layer is too thick, the dyes are scattered too sparsely, reducing color density and producing washed-out, dull colors. If it is too thin, the water in the ink can overflow the paper's surface, causing beading and bleeding.

    The newly added color-reproduction layer fixes the dye to the paper's surface.

    Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201 solves this dilemma using innovative inkjet coating technology. Using this technology, the ink-receiving layer is split into two layers, a color-reproduction layer on which the dye is fixed and an absorbing layer that soaks up the excess water solvent.

    This layered structure enables the dye to be fixed closer to the surface of the paper, improving the density of the black ink compared with Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101. This novel technology achieves rich, deep blacks and bright, vivid photographic results. At the same time, the absorbing layer quickly mops up excess water solvent, for crisp, sharp image quality.


    Wider color range for colors
    never before achieved in a printer.

    Fuller, more vibrant color reproduction.

    The wider the color gamut is, the more colors can be reproduced.

    Across the entire gamut in both CMY and RGB, Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201 improves on the reproducible range of Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101. This photo paper relays the full expressive range of PIXMA for glorious color reproduction every time.

    Color reproduction is stabilized faster than ever before.
    So you can appreciate the beauty of your photos right away.

    Optical density immediately after printing is greater than ever.
    See the real colors of your photos, right away.

    With ordinary inkjet paper, the quality of the print fresh from the printer is bit unclear, the colors dull. The colors emerge only gradually, so you have to wait several minutes to find out whether the print is faithful to the original image's color, contrast and other features. If your family or friends are waiting for finished prints, or if you're testing corrections to the photos, the wait can seem an eternity.

    Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201 is a completely different experience. The optical density (color density) is high immediately after printing, and color reproduction happens fast. In less time than ever, a reproduction of the colors of the original photo is complete. Images are bright and vivid as soon as the print job is finished.

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